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20:1 CBD:THC MCT Coconut Oil Tincture 525mg

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20:1 CBD:THC MCT Coconut Oil Tincture 525mg Our newest product yet! This tincture features a 20:1 ratio of CBD and THC – a highly sought after ratio. We’ve had many requests for this product, now here it is. There are only three ingredients: organically grown cannabis and organic coconut-derived MCT oil and pure CBD.

How is it so clear? New extraction methods have made it possible to remove the chlorophyll and ‘weedy’ taste from cannabis oils, leaving a clear, tasteless oil. This tincture contains 25mg THC & 500mg CBD, totaling 525mg. One dropper tube contains a 17.5mg dose, making it easy to regulate dosing in small increments of 2mg-17.5mg – or more if you like.

How do you use it? Sublingual application. Topical application. Or cook with it.

Coconut-derived MCT Oil

Easier to Digest

MCTs don’t need bile salts to be digested and can pass directly from the digestive system to the blood stream without being modified by digestion like long chain fats. This makes them easier to digest and utilize than long chain fatty acids.

Because they are so easy to absorb and use, MCTs are often a good choice for those who struggle with digestive problems, fat absorption or lack a gallbladder.

Good Source of Energy

Since MCTs are processed in the liver, they are absorbed quickly and provide fast and sustained energy. MCTs move passively via the hepatic portal system to the liver without the need for a longer digestive process. Unlike almost all other foods, MCTs do not require energy to be absorbed, stored or used in the body, making them an almost perfect source of natural energy.

Supports Hormones

Since fats are needed for proper hormone creation and balance in the body, MCTs may offer special benefits for those struggling with hormone imbalance. There is also research suggesting that medium chain fats may be beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight by helping balance hormones and improving insulin sensitivity.

Gut Health

MCTs have antiviral and antibacterial properties and there is some evidence that they may help balance gut bacteria and combat pathogenic bacteria. They also offer the digestive system a break because they are so easily utilized by the body. When used with a healthy diet and other ways to support gut bacteria, MCTs may help improve gut health over time. (Though regular coconut oil may be more effective for this, see below).

Immune Health

The same antiviral and antibacterial properties make MCTs beneficial for immune as well. Healthy fats are important for proper immune function, and since MCTs can be more easily used by the body, this may be especially beneficial for those who have trouble absorbing fats and who struggle with immune function.

The Organic Verdana Coconut-derived MCT Oil is of Premium Food Grade Quality being concentrated with only true Medium Chain Triglycerides, having no Long Chain oils. It is made from  Food Grade raw materials and is 100% Pure, Vegan and non-GMO.
The Organic Verdana Food Grade Coconut MCT Oil is of Premium Quality being concentrated with only true Medium Chain Triglycerides, having no Long Chain oils. Also known as Fractionated Coconut Oil, it is made 100% from coconut oilusing the Fractionation process and is 100% Pure, Vegan and non-GMO.
  • Ingredients : Caprylic/ Capric Triglycerides
  • Made of almost completely Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10) Triglycerides, which are the true ‘medium’ chain triglycerides. This product has zero ‘Long chain’ oils. Due to this, the Verdana Food Grade Coconut MCT Oil is readily absorbed without much of assistance from digestive juices and enzymes.
    MCT oil brings to you all the Skin and Hair benefits of Coconut oil without the problem of freezing at room temperature and has much better shelf life than Coconut oil.

More Info on MCT oils and their health benefits here


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