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1:1 CBD:THC Organic Olive Oil Tincture 550mg

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1:1 CBD:THC Organic Olive Oil  Tincture 550mg Our newest product yet! This tincture features a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC – a highly sought after ratio. We’ve had many requests for this product, now here it is. There are only three ingredients: organically grown cannabis and Organic Olive Oil  and pure CBD.

How is it so clear? New extraction methods have made it possible to remove the chlorophyll and ‘weedy’ taste from cannabis oils, leaving a clear, tasteless oil. This tincture contains 275mg THC & 275mg CBD, totaling 550mg. One dropper tube contains a 18mg dose, making it easy to regulate dosing in small increments of 2mg-18mg – or more if you like.

How do you use it? Sublingual application. Topical application. Or cook with it.

  • 275mg CBD
  • 275mg THC
  • 550mg total cannabinoids
Only 3 ingredients:
Organic Olive Oil
99.99% pure crystalline CBD
Fractionally Distilled Cannabis Oil (80% THC)


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