F.A.Q. Section


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A store I can Visit?

No. We are a medical delivery service, we are currently trying to get a storefront approved by city & state regulators for customers to visit but until we can open a fully licensed facility we are Delivery ONLY

Is Recreational Marijuana Available yet?


Prop 64 has legalized possession and home cultivation of up to 6 plants BUT no one is licensed to sell recreational marijuana until January 1st 2018

Until Then You Will Need:

A Valid Medical Recommendation From a doctor


proof of California Residency

Sustainable Local Organic Canna-culture

All of our medical flower and medible products are sourced from premium sun-grown cannabis, the way mother Gaia intended while at every stage of our process we have tried to minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact with sustainable energy production, packaging made from plant based plastics and food safe reusable products whenever possible.

Superior Customer Service

We strive to provide prompt courteous service to patients in the greater San Diego metro area. For those too sick or weak to travel this is an invaluable service and for everyone else just a pleasant convenience that saves time . After verification of your recommendation one of our drivers will be at your door in 45-60 minutes with an assortment of products and answers to any questions you may have to help you get your medical marijuana needs met. Satisfaction Guaranteed, if you have an Issue with an order Never hesitate to contact us for an exchange or refund.